The idea of Artificial Intelligence can be a tad worrisome, let alone working along side it. Don’t let the movies scare you – its more like a hammer that never misses the nail than a carpenter. You, as the creator, are now equipped with world class AI. What Epics will you telll?

Create Copywrite Content with Calliope

Calliope helps Content Marketers create amazing copy for SEO  in seconds. Now you can use next-generation Artificial Intelligence through Calliope to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. Our AI extends your knowledge base infinitely – you’ll never suffer from stale content. That is a pretty bold statement! As a writer, I would never believe it without proof. So, let’s get to it.

Calliope saves all of your created and edited content, but don’t worry, it’s yours and yours alone. Access all of your files from anywhere!

Sign-up and Login

If you haven’t already, click any of the Sign-up or Login buttons. Once logged in, you will be given 2000 word generations to start writing. You only need your Google credentials or your email and a password to sign-up, no CC required. You will be redirected to the dashboard once completed with the short process.

Organization at its Core

From the dashboard (with ‘Welcome Back!’ up top), there are two major feature paths, and several settings areas. The major feature paths include Sagas and Inspirations. In this guide, we will be discussing the Saga path, as Inspirations are baked into the flow. Calliope is built for rapid content creation, and we believe that requires organization from the start.

Select ‘Sagas’ from the left-hand Navigation Menu. Sagas represent folders to organize work.
Everyone starts out with a Default Saga, but you can create more anytime you need.
Your Sagas are private and are not shared with anyone, even when connected to an Organization.

Creating the First Saga

Inside the Sagas Page, you will find a list of folder-like directories, likely to only have the Default Saga unless you’ve already created new ones. This can be done with the button in the upper right of the page labeled ‘New Saga’.

Select the Default Saga -or-
Create a New Saga
Enter the Saga Name and optional Description

Starting the First Epic

Inside the Saga, you will either find an image like that shown beside this text, or a list of Epic documents to continue working from.

Click ‘Start Your Epic’ -or-
Select a displayed Epic
You can also edit the Saga’s details on the Details Tab

Epic Creation

Epics start as pre-defined templates that stack word generating Inspirations into a long-format article builder. You maintain heavy control while letting the A.I. to the tedium.

• Give each Epic or memorable name – don’t worry, you can change it later
• Select from the Pre-Built Epic Templates. Business Unlimited Subscribers will find an additional set of Templates, including their custom built sets
• The description field is great for describing ideas and linking resources

Communicating with Calliope

Tell Calliope exactly what she needs to know by answering a series of very simple questions. Don’t worry, its not all at once, and you will have amazing control over the output.

• Give each Epic or memorable name – don’t worry, you can change it later
• Select from the Pre-Built Epic Templates. Business Unlimited Subscribers will find an additional set of Templates, including their custom built sets
• Give the Epic a proper description, usually with topic resources and information on what you intended to achieve

Editing Calliope’s Response

After clicking ‘Invoke’, Calliope’s response will appear in the response panel (on the side for desktop, and below for mobile). This response may be imperfect or have facts that are less than factual. We recommend making any edits you need to ensure the section is near-ready for publishing, outside of visuals. Of course, there will be more workspace opportunity in the Finalize Space.

• Click Invoke on the Form
• Proof Read the Response
• If you don’t like the content, just click ‘Invoke’ again
• Edit your approved content to be near-ready

Trying a few ideas

Sometimes we like the content that was produced, but we want to know what else Calliope could think of for our topic. Just click ‘Invoke’ again, as all Responses are versioned and saved within your document.

• Click ‘Invoke’ a second time to get a whole new idea and fresh content
• Previous Content is saved from newest to last
• Whatever is last Saved in the edit field will be what is shown in the final document

Finalize Your Work

That wasn’t so bad, was it? After finishing each section, you will have a full-length article ready to edit, finalize, add aesthetic, and even add images. We provide a highly functional Rich Text Editor to let you see your article in a variety of evolutions quickly. Whatever you choose as your final piece, just click Save. All done!

• Moving to the Finalize tab opens the RTE with all saved sections loaded as a document
• Each Epic Section is contained in a seperate within the underlying html, and the text can be worked with in blocks
• When you have created something you like, click ‘Save’ in the upper-right

Do it again, quickly!

The power of Calliope is not just writing a single article quickly, but rather, writing 20 articles on the same subject very quickly by automating repetitive steps and offloading tedium to AI. When you are ready to make the second copy, click ‘New Copy’ in the upper-right and then select the copy number you want to work on. All of your previous Form input will still be there, but the content will be removed so you can get right to work on copies 2 through infinity!

Need More Content?

You receive 2,000 free words when you sign-up with Calliope. If you run out of words, you can purchase a plan by navigating to our products page. Our subscription products give you access to scores of AI-generated words ready for you to generate at the click of a button every single month. Find a product that works for you.



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