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Don’t know what to write about? Let Calliope’s Artificial Intelligence help.  Calliope provides over 100 ways to inspire any type of writing!

Break Writer’s Block

Make Writer’s Block a thing of the past. Calliope’s Inspirations enable you to create better content faster than ever before.

Fastest Long-Form Copy

No more waiting for long-form copy. Generate captivating content on demand.

Always Topical

Create the perfect voice for your copy like no other AI-Writing Assistant can.

Lightning Fast

Instant copy when you need it most. Write faster than ever before.

Affordable artificial intelligence for all

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have cutting-edge technology. Plans start at $19 for thousands of AI-generated words.

Now you get to be the driver behind one of the world’s most powerful A.I., GPT-3, packaged in a clean and accessible platform.

Integrated Predictions, provider’s of Content Calliope, are dedicated to creating cost-effective avenues for businesses of all sizes to reach powerful artificial intelligence.

Today, we write with you. Tomorrow, we draw. Soon, we shall supply all forms of artificial creation tied together in useful products, like synthesized voice for video overlay, logo generation, and complaint handling.

Create Copy with Artificial IntelligenceContent Calliope Now

Phase out Phrase Databases!

Text is generated on-the-fly with Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence, producing unique copy that passes plagiarism checks!

Calliope is powered by MuseAPI, an extremely powerful API that stores and communicates with many Artificial Intelligence models, including various flavors of GPT, Image and Voice Synthesizers, and more!

Reduce Research

Calliope understands what you are trying to write with very little effort. She uses an immense amount of processing power to “remember” everything she has ever read on the subject, elaborating as best as possible.

Always Fresh

Stale Content Sucks!
Calliope gets you through the tough days by showing you new ways to present old ideas, ideates on new content with you, and can even outline the process!

Cloud-Based File ACcess

Access your files from any device, any where, any time. Your documents are saved and backed-up at all times so you can feel secure about returning to your work. Never get set-back by crashing browsers again.

Your Data, Your Copy

Everything you do or create on our services is yours. We do not sell data and consider anything you generate with our tools as your Intellectual Property. This applies to all methods of access to our A.I. systems.

100+ Text Generating Topics for All Sorts of Writing

Ideas, Headlines, and Slogans

The first sentence is always the hardest. Let Calliope get your moving quickly!

Topic Outlining and Summary

Once you know what you want to talk about, design the “shape” of your work.

Keyword/Topic Elaboration

Trade a few keywords for paragraphs and content that is topical and engaging.

Inspirations generate text based on the Topic and the keywords you supply!

Storytelling and Song Writing

Create background stories for NPCs, fictional stories, or work out a song.

Daily Writing, Emails, and More

PPT, Code Summaries, QBRs, and whatever else you don’t feel like writing.

Custom Text Generators for You

Calliope can imitate your brand and be tuned for your product or topic in a day.

Easy Inspirations

Muse with Calliope

Every great epic started with a single, simple thought that was fueled with passion, optimism, and inspiration. Find yours!

Let calliope know your goal

Calliope just needs a few words on what you want to write about. From there, she will bring you an infinite amount of ideas on the subject, how to present it, structure of the content, and much more. How easy is that?!

Inspired content immediately

Re-invoking Calliope let’s her quickly come up with new ideas. Once you find the one you want to run with, she will move it to your clipboard, share it to social media, or email it,

Create More. Work Less.

Epic Blogs, Articles, and Stories

When one of our customers was selected to write 20 articles at 2000 words, she was excited about the profit opportunity. Then she learned the topic was to be about Saunas, and they needed to be done in 2 weeks – can you imagine?! So, she turned to Calliope, and in a few hours, she was back to relaxing!

Pre-Built and Custom Templates

Calliope provides Long-Form Templates to speed up the writing process, giving you a clear and recognizable structure, simple forms, and an incredible amount of speed. Write thousands of words in minutes.

Full Control and Version History

Writing with Calliope is a dance of human and artificial intelligence weaving an intricate narrative. You provide ideas, she elaborates. You can always change what she has provided, add more context, and review previous generations for the best fit.

Intricately Woven Text Editors

When working with Calliope, all of your generations and edits are saved along the way so you never lose your work. The created text is smartly placed in various places; editing in one updates all instances of the text.

Cloud-Based File System means Access Any Where, Any Time, Any Device!

In a post-pandemic world, people are working from everywhere. You need a modernized document system that let’s you pick up right from where you left off, from wherever you choose.

Sagas & Epics

Like Folders and Files, Sagas hold Epics in neat, private containers. Organization Sagas are shared with all members for faster team work flow.

Versioning & Receipts

Every Text Generation is saved to the Epic you are building, including a Receipt. We believe all your work belongs to you, always!

PC, Mac, Mobile, More

Calliope is built to help you write regardless of how you write. Should you ever find the experience lacking on your device and browser, just let us know!


Will my articles be flagged for plagiarism?

No, not usually. There are cases where short copy is too generic, our A.I. quotes with inserting quotation marks, or the retelling of one set of information matches another retelling in similar ways.

Since Calliope is not built on a database of phrases, nor does it use scraped text from the internet, you can feel confident that the copy being created is unique and never-before-seen.

We will be offering in-app Plagiarism checks in the future!

Who owns the generated copy?

All generated and edited copy on the Integrated Predictions Network, including Content Calliope, MuseCE, MuseAPI, and the rest is owned by the individual or organization paying for the subscription at the time of creation. Integrated Predictions does not sell data or documents.

We are gauging interest in taking this one step further by introducing NFT-Secured Documents. These allow creators to finalize a document, creating a unique and verifiable receipt of origin. NFT’s may include royalty and commission data on them using cryptocurrency algorithms. That means creating articles and releasing them however you like!

Will this write all of my copy for me?

Absolutely not – Our Artificial Intelligence is quite powerful – enough that we need to respect how its used. We require a “Human in the Loop” approach to A.I. usage, where all output is verified as quality and accurate before releasing to the public. With that said, we do not go through your documents unless flagged for a specific set of topics.

We refuse to participate in creation of misleading propaganda and fake news, for any country or political party. In that light, there are additional safeguards built throughout our system to prevent abuse.

There is no replacing the human – not with perfect A.I. or quantum machines. Calliope is a writer’s tool, created to expedite the writing process. We hope to enable writer’s to achieve more in less time, not replace them.

Is there an API I can use instead?

Yes, and we can’t wait to show you!

Integrated Predictions powers all of our Synthesis Platforms (like Calliope) with MuseAPI. We allow 3rd-party developers to access specific end-points to grab JSON versions of our input forms. Providing those back to the API with the appropriate data will return the desired Text Generation.

We are working to automate the on-boarding process and overhaul our documentation to reduce friction. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at and we can get you started quickly.

Will my copy be generic?

Nope, even if you don’t have custom text generators with us.

What we consider generic and what A.I. considers generic is vastly different. Calliope understands a million lifetimes of research, interpersonal communication, and online social interaction. Her vast knowledge makes it easy for her to get the topic right while bringing new value – over and over again.

But, if that isn’t perfect for you, or you want a specific tone and voice of brand, no problem. We provide custom text generators built to match your desire. You can make it public or private and even add it to Long-Form Article building templates.


We are constantly writing and communicating through text in all sorts of new places. Calliope can join you across many platforms and areas of the internet.

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